3 Tips For Adjusting To Your New Wheelchair

Obviously having to adjust to using a wheelchair is never an easy thing to do. Although you are probably concerned about your loss of mobility and what it means for your future, there are a few things that you can do to get adjusted. If you follow these three tips, you are sure to get the hang of using your wheelchair in no time. Although things might still be tough, you might find that you don't mind your wheelchair as much as you thought you would.

1. Learn All About Your Wheelchair

Before you can feel comfortable in your new wheelchair, you will obviously need to learn as much about it as you can. Study a diagram of the parts of a wheelchair, and get a better idea of how each part works. Then sit in your wheelchair, and test out things like steering, wheeling forward and backward, and securing the brakes on it while you have someone to accompany you. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident when you use it on your own.

2. Make Changes to Your Home

Don't expect to get around well in your home with your wheelchair without making some changes. Have someone help you with moving items from high shelves down to lower ones and with other similar tasks. Also, remember to install pull bars and a ramp in and around your home so that you can stay safe. If you make these changes, you'll be able to do many of the things that you did in the past, regardless of your wheelchair.

3. Try Buying a New Chair

If you are still having trouble with your wheelchair after giving it a try, it might be a good idea to try a different model. There are quite a few different models on the market, and some might work better for your situation than others. For example, some are easier to steer than others, and some provide a little bit of extra room in the seat. By trying a few different wheelchairs on for size, you can ensure that you end up with the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Getting adjusted to life in a wheelchair won't be easy, but you should try to maintain a positive attitude. If you try these three things, you might find that staying in a wheelchair, like from Southwest Medical & Rehab, is a little bit easier than you originally thought.