A Guide to Understanding How Your High Risk Pregnancy Can Benefit from Home Health Care

Although the majority of pregnant women enjoy safe and healthy pregnancies that lead to babies being worn at or close to full-term, at least six out of every 100 pregnant women in the United States will be diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive and have reason to believe that your eventual pregnancy will be high-risk or you are currently expecting and have recently been given that diagnosis, it is a good idea to consider hiring home health care to see to your needs until and immediately after your baby is born.

4 Services You Can Receive At An Urgent Care Facility

The way to get the most out of life is to enjoy it as much as possible. This means feeling your best at all times and addressing any medical concerns as these arise. If you’ve faced with a medical emergency or you can’t get into fast enough to see your family doctor, you may want to rely on an urgent care facility. It’s ideal to know the types of services you can receive when you do.

Don't Be Vain: Canes And Hearing Aids

Sometimes vanity can be deadly. If you’re too concerned with your appearance, then you might decide that you don’t need to use a cane when it’s icy out during the winter. The result is that you could fall and break your hip. If you have decided against wearing a hearing aid, be very careful. You might think you can get away with not hearing the television quite that well, but what happens when you are crossing the street and don’t hear a car beeping and you end up getting hit and laying out on the street?

3 Skills A Service Puppy-In-Training Needs To Learn

Service dogs are highly trained canines who assist people with a variety of health and medical issues. Training to become a service dog begins when a dog is just a puppy, and he must be able to master commands beyond the normal obedience commands that household pets are taught. Volunteering to train a puppy to become a service dog for someone else is a rewarding task, but it is also a lot of hard work.

Physical Therapy: A Nonsurgical Treatment For Suprascapular Neuropathy

Supracapsular neuropathy—a cause of shoulder pain—occurs in athletes whose sports involve sideways movements or extending the arm over the head. Playing tennis, baseball, or volleyball puts you at higher risk of an overuse injury of the shoulder, particularly rotator cuff tears. But depending on the severity of the injury, treatment doesn’t always require shoulder surgery to repair the rotator cuff or remove pressure on the suprascapular nerve–the nerve that runs along the back of the shoulder.

Runners: How to Lower Your Risk of Injury When Jumping into a High-Mileage Training Plan

Some runners do really well on high-mileage training plans, and, if you’re training for a distance race, like a half marathon or marathon, then you’re definitely going to be running some high mileage. The main issue to keep in mind as you approach this type of training is that, as you work more miles into your routine, you’ll be at a greater risk of injury. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of injury when running long distances.

Move Over, Carrots! These Foods Are Good For Your Eyes, Too

Carrots have the reputation for being good for your eyes. And they are—they’re high in vitamin A, which you need to maintain good vision. But carrots are far from being the only food you should include in your diet if you’re hoping to maintain your vision and overall eye health. Here’s a look at a few others that get the eye doctors’ seal of approval, so to speak. Fish Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating Well During Chemotherapy

A diagnoses of cancer is understandably a scary, uncertain time in a person’s life. Treatment usually quickly follows, and the lightning speed at which things happen can be overwhelming. If your treatment will include chemotherapy or radiation, chances are nausea and vomiting will affect you at some point. An oncology team, like one at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, may have you meet with a dietitian to help you address your nutritional needs during this process.

Illness And Weight Loss

For those with a number of health issues, losing weight can be as important as medication. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or kidney disease, being obese often exacerbates them and worsens your overall health. If you cannot manage to lose weight on your own, ask your doctor about both surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures.  Bariatric Surgery Bariatric surgery can help patients with a number of conditions, kidney transplant candidates in particular.

FAQ About Medical CBD

Does your doctor want to prescribe Cannabidiol (CBD) and you are unsure if it is right for you? If you were given a brief explanation of what CBD is, but still can’t make up your mind, there are a few more things that you should know.  Take a look at this article to discover a few answers to some of the questions that you might have in regards to CBD.

2 Cosmetic Dental Applications To Correct Damage From An Auto Accident

Being involved in an automotive accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if your teeth are damaged during the incident. Nevertheless, there are cosmetic dental procedures available to help correct imperfections that relate to automotive trauma. Here are a few of them: Dental Veneers During a car accident, a blow to the mouth could result in teeth that are chipped and cracked. These imperfections may be readily visible whenever you speak or smile.

The Benefits Of Dermal Fillers To Improve Appearance, Remove Wrinkles And Look Younger

When you don’t want to go down the path of invasive plastic surgery, but you are not happy with your appearance, dermal fillers may be the answer. Plastic surgeons now have more alternatives than invasive surgery to make you look younger, improve your appearance and remove unwanted wrinkles. With the use of dermal fillers, your appearance can be altered by carefully placed injections done right in your doctor’s office. The recovery time is minimal, and dermal fillers are far less expensive than traditional cosmetic surgery.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Treatment For Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is one of the more serious types of eating disorders, as it has the highest fatality rate among mental illnesses. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that people suffering from this illness get the proper treatment. Unfortunately, only about one-third of those who have anorexia actually get any type of treatment. Among the options are inpatient and outpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa. Taking a few things into consideration can make it clearer which type of treatment may be best.

Why Lifestyle Changes Are Better Than Dieting To Keep The Weight Off

If you are severely overweight and really want to lose the extra pounds, you may want to consider making the appropriate lifestyle changes instead of looking for a diet plan. While diet plans can help you lose weight, changing the way you live will typically offer better and more long-term results. Here are three important ways making lifestyle changes for weight loss is a better route than any type of diet you can find.

Help! How Do You Survive Allergy Season?

The allergy season is here and you’ve already got the watery, itchy eyes and blocked sinuses. Just how are you going to cope for the whole season? You want to enjoy the spring and summer months. You don’t need to suffer completely. Here’s what you need to know to survive the horrible allergy season and love the time of year. Is It Really Allergies? Many people blame symptoms on allergies, but they’re really suffering from a cold.

3 Tips For Integrating Strength Training Into Your Weight Loss Strategy

When you are trying to lose weight, you may overlook the importance of strength training and how your diet influences your ability to build lean body mass. By focusing more on building muscle, in addition to cardio, you can enhance fat loss. Start Slow When you start strength training, the biggest mistake you can make is diving in. It is best to start slowly with light weights or small amounts of resistance and build your way up to minimize your chances of injury.

What To Expect From Back Pain Surgery And The Subsequent Recovery

If the non-invasive treatment of your back pain fails to give you adequate relief, your doctor may recommend surgery. Recovering from most back surgery takes several months, depending on the extent of the repair. Here is what you can expect to experience during your recovery and the cautions you’ll need to take during that time. Surgical Procedures for Lower Back Pain Depending on the cause of the back pain, some of the procedures that your back surgeon may perform include:

Signs That A Loved One Could Have A Chemical Dependency

The last thing you might want to come to accept is that someone close to you has a dependency on either legal or illegal drugs, but it’s important that you don’t act in denial about this topic. The person in your life may indeed be struggling, even if he or she has not reached out for help with trying to quit. Through being able to look at a variety of factors about the person’s behavior, you can often make the assumption that the person is dealing with chemical dependency and move forward by talking to the person about going to rehab or even hiring an interventionist.

Radiation Therapy In Cancer Treatment: Some Tips To Help Ease The Pain And Discomfort

Radiation therapy is a common approach and response treatment for many types of cancer. But if you and your doctor decide that radiation therapy is the best option, be prepared to accept the side effects that come with it. These side effects include pain, burning, extra dry skin, itchy rashes, blisters and permanent pigmentation in the application site, which makes your skin look permanently discolored (red to dark brown in color).

Ways That You May Be Putting Your Child's Health At Risk

When you become a parent, your main focus in life goes from taking care of and providing for yourself to doing so for your child. Their health and well-being become your first concerns in everything that you do. However, what you may not know is how some of the decisions you make and things that you do in the pursuit of taking care of their health can actually adversely affect them.

Are Dental Implants The Best Choice For You?

If you are missing some teeth, then replacing those teeth should be a high priority. However, there are actually several different options to choose from, ranging from dentures to implants to bridges. To help you determine the right course of action for you, here is an overview of how implants work and what advantages they bring to the table: The Basics Implants are fairly simple devices that replace individual teeth. They are comprised of three separate components, which are the implant, the abutment, and the crown.

How To Prevent Back Pain Related To Cycling

If you are about to get into outdoor cycling, you should expect to feel sore in your lower back. You may think of cycling as a leg exercise, but it also uses your upper body. Before you start cycling, you should know how to avoid back pain so that you can be consistent with your outings. Buy the Right Size Bike The wrong size bike is a leading cause of back pain among cyclists.

Busting A Couple Of Myths About Bunions

Your feet may be one part of your body that you rarely think about unless there is a problem. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that your feet may experience over the course of your life. In particular, bunions are a common problem that can be extremely painful for patients that are unlucky enough to develop this issue. While bunions may be a routine issue for podiatrists, there are many patients that may make the mistake of believing that some misconceptions about this condition are true.

When Your Ears Are Ringing: Possible Causes You Should Know About

If one day you wake up and suddenly hear a high-pitched ringing noise in your ears, you may find yourself just hoping that it is temporary and that it will go away as soon as possible. However, if the ringing seems to persist or even gets worse, the hope changes to frustration and wonder about the possible cause of your ringing ears. Get to know some of the conditions that can cause your ringing ears so that you can better prepare yourself for a trip to an ear nose and throat doctor and get the treatment and help that you need to try to overcome your newfound hearing troubles.

3 Great Ways To Deal With Back Pain When You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant, there is an increased amount of stress on your back. This is due to the added weight that pregnancy adds to your abdominal area. As you progress in your pregnancy, this back pain may increase due to the growing size of your baby. While you may not be able to make this back pain go away, there are definitely things that you can do to help reduce the amount of back pain that you are feeling so that you can still function normally.

5 Chiropractic Tips For Pregnancy

Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant? If so, it’s even more important now that you are taking care of your health. This includes the health of your spine. Your spine controls your central nervous system. A healthy spine is going to contribute to a healthy pregnancy because of this. Here are five chiropractic tips for pregnancy: Continue Visiting A Chiropractor: Many pregnant women stop visiting their chiropractor for fear that it is not good to receive adjustments while pregnant.

How Is Hammertoe Treated?

When one of your toes starts staying permanently in a curled position, you can be pretty confident that you have hammertoe. This condition is the result of an imbalance between the ligaments and muscles in your toe joint. The ligaments shorten, causing the toe not to straighten properly at its middle joint. If you suspect you have hammertoe, it’s important to seek treatment from a podiatrist. Depending on the severity of your condition, he or she may recommend one or more of these treatments.

Three Things To Notice If You Are Concerned About Hearing Loss

For many people with hearing loss, this difficulty doesn’t occur overnight. While it’s certainly possible to suffer hearing loss because of an accident or exposure to loud noise, many people experience a gradual decline in their hearing. The slow nature of this change can mean that you might not fully realize the degree to which your hearing is suffering. While a visit to a hearing center for an evaluation and one or two hearing aids can help you regain your lost hearing, you won’t likely book this appointment until you’re consistently noticing signs of the hearing loss.

How Medically Supervised Weight Loss Can Help You Not Only Lose Weight But Keep It Off

It’s no secret that one of the few things harder than losing weight is keeping it off afterward. A 2005 study found that only 20 percent of its participants managed to maintain a 10 percent loss in weight over one year, painting a bleak picture for anyone who is already struggling to shed a few pounds. But these results only confirm what the medical community has been saying for years; diets alone are not enough to achieve meaningful weight loss.

Cover These Three Subjects When You're Interviewing Home Health Care Aides

As your parent reaches the point at which he or she could benefit from some in-home care, you’ll find yourself looking for a home health care agency in your community and scheduling some interviews with aides. This process not only gives you the chance to hear about each health professional’s experience and evaluate how his or her personality will suit your parent, but also gives you the chance to ask some questions about different situations the aide might encounter with your parent.

3 Foods That Can Help Improve Your Skin's Appearance

Regardless of whether you are 20, 30, 50 or even 80, you deserve skin that looks radiant and has a youthful glow. While there are a number of products on store shelves today that are said to promote soft, supple skin, you don’t have to purchase one of these products to get the skin you desire. It could be as simple as the foods you eat. To help you get the beautiful skin you crave, here are a few foods you can incorporate into your everyday routine to get amazing skin in no time.

A Guide To Laser Vein Treatment Procedures

When you are dealing with varicose veins or any similar conditions, you probably have tried a number of remedies. These veins can be unsightly, so you should be sure that you opt for the option that is proven to be effective – laser vein treatment. You can receive these treatments from cosmetic surgeons in your area, but should first learn a bit about what to expect. Read on and digest this information, then get in touch with doctors who can help.