Don't Be Vain: Canes And Hearing Aids

Sometimes vanity can be deadly. If you're too concerned with your appearance, then you might decide that you don't need to use a cane when it's icy out during the winter. The result is that you could fall and break your hip. If you have decided against wearing a hearing aid, be very careful. You might think you can get away with not hearing the television quite that well, but what happens when you are crossing the street and don't hear a car beeping and you end up getting hit and laying out on the street? Also, what if you are the one driving and don't hear another cars horn blast? You might end up causing a major accident. So, with that said, here are some ways to not feel as self-conscious about glasses, canes, and hearing aids.

Stylish Hiking Canes As An Alternative To Plain Old Aluminum

Just because you need a cane during the winter doesn't mean you need an aluminum cane with an obvious four footed bottom. Those do look "medical" in nature, so what you should look for is a cane that doesn't scream "old person cane". If you are relatively steady in most environments, but need the cane when it's wet out or snowy and icy, then consider a hiking stick. These are used by people who go hiking in the mountains and they have the same ability to stabilize you while you walk. They come in lots of different colors (neon reads, greens, and blues, as well as cameo). You can also get one that has a little metal spike on the bottom that provides extra traction (this spike can be covered with a rubber cap when not in use).They can also collapse down and fit in you bag for when you get into a building. This way, if you're going shopping or meeting someone for lunch, you won't be embarrassed lugging the cane around.

Hearing Aids: Inner Ear and Discreet

If you're only recollection of hearing aids are the large, highly visible ones that your grandparents might have worn, then you should expand your horizons. Hearing aids have advanced quite a bit. The new ones fit inside your ear and are super discreet. You can find ones that are small earbud designs and no one will notice that you are wearing them. They are also much more precise nowadays, so if your memory is of your grandfather tuning his behind the ear hearing aid to listen in to a conversation, rest assured you won't' have to struggle like that. You can even adjust your hearing aids setting on your smartphone so no one at the table will notice what you doing. They come in different flesh toned colors so it's not obvious that there is an earbud in your ear.