3 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Conceiving

Many couples dream of being able to conceive and start a family of their own. While it might come simple for some, others struggle month after month to get a positive result. If you are one of those women who hasn’t been successful conceiving on your own, there are a few things you can do to help increase your odds. Check out the options below to give your fertility the boost it needs.

Relieve The Knot In Your Back With A Tennis Ball Massage

Getting a knot in your back can make it hard to focus on anything else that you are supposed to be doing. Here are a few pointers on how to use a tennis ball to relieve that knot in your back. The Basic Goal Of The Tennis Ball Massage Trick The basic goal of using a tennis ball to treat a knot is in your back is that a tennis ball is just the right size to put under that knot that is bugging you when you are lying on your back or when you have your back against a wall.

Getting The Right Home Care Support Following Your Cancer Surgery

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, your emotions are likely all over the place. In some cases, part of cancer treatment may involve surgery to remove a tumor or tissues from your body affected by cancer. From wondering how treatment will affect you to finding the right after-care when you leave the hospital are important questions to speak with your doctor about. If you’re scheduled for cancer surgery, you’ll need to make sure that your doctor will have a post-operative treatment plan in place once the procedure is over.

Four Benefits Of An Upper Arm Prosthetic

Did you recently have an amputation above the elbow? If so, you may be finding it difficult to adjust to life without the lower portion of your arm. Your doctor has likely mentioned to you that an upper limb prosthetic may aid you in having the most independent lifestyle as possible. Perhaps you have many questions or even doubts about whether a prosthetic will benefit you. The following are concrete ways that an upper limb prosthetic can help you.

Strange Dates: How Getting Tested Together Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Usually, getting tested for STDs is a very personal procedure. If you test positive, it is common to be apprehensive about telling past or current sexual partners about your results. However, heading to a testing clinic does not have to be a shameful act that you hide from your current or possible future partner. Getting tested for common STDs can be an excellent activity to do as a couple. Here are three ways a date at the health clinic can help strengthen your current relationship.

Vision Assistance For Veterans With Sight Problems

The military brings a lot of challenge both during and after service. Strains on body and mind can be seen in veterans as they transition to civilian life, and among many of the problems is weakened or strained eyesight. If your vision hasn’t been the same since you left the military, or if you’re dealing with a vision impairment claim that isn’t going as well as you’d like, consider a few ways that an eye exam and an optometrist’s assistance could help.

What You Can Expect After Your Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement, full or partial, is a major medical procedure. As with many surgeries, the post-op process is often just as important as the operation itself. When considering hip replacement surgery, it’s important to understand what occurs after the surgery, and how it can affect your day-to-day life. Immediately After Surgery – The Not So Pretty Part Immediately after surgery, you will likely not have the luxury of movement. Your hip will sit in a precise position, braced by a device for that purpose, such as a compression stocking, and pillows.

3 Benefits To Getting A Professional Massage

There are many benefits to getting a professional massage. In fact, some people choose to get a massage as often as possible because they see all the advantages it has in their life. Here are some of the benefits to massage that you might not know about. 1. Improves The Lymphatic System One of the best things about a massage is that it improves the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is the part of your body that helps to circulate fluid throughout each organ and system.

Food Allergy Or Food Intolerance? How To Determine Which Is Which

With the huge variety of foods available in supermarkets today, people have more control than ever over their diets. And this is definitely a good thing – consider how many people are on some sort of dietary restriction, whether it’s gluten-free for medical reasons or refined-sugar-free for health reasons or meat-free for ethical reasons. If you’re considering removing a food from your diet because you think you may be allergic to it, it’s important to know the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance.

How to Pick the Right Hearing Aid

If you have difficulty hearing, then your doctor might recommend that you get a hearing aid. However, there are quite a few different types of hearing aids out there, which can make it hard to make a choice. To help you out, here is a description of each type of popular hearing aid devices. Behind the Ear This is the most visible type of hearing aid because it is actually located entirely outside of the ear.

What Conditions Can Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treat?

Laser skin rejuvenation involves using an electrically powered laser beam to treat problem skin. These treatments are usually performed in a dermatologist’s office, but some health and beauty spas also have licensed aestheticians that can also give them. The laser beam removes the very top layer of damaged skin and also promotes the growth of collagen in the skin. The side effects of laser skin rejuvenation are normally mild and include slight redness, swelling and tenderness of the treated area.

3 Reasons Why Dental Grills Are Bad for Your Teeth

If you have ever watched a rap music video, you have probably seen grills. Dental grills are covers that go over your  teeth, and they are often made of gold or covered with diamonds or other jewels. Even though they might look flashy and attractive, it’s generally best to wear your bling in a different way. Dental grills aren’t good for your teeth or your mouth; these are a few reasons why.

Vision Therapy And Autism: Can It Help Your Child?

While problems with vision tend to be common in children with autism, they also tend to be overlooked. This is because typical autistic behaviors such as looking past or through an object, making poor eye contact, strong aversion to light, and abnormal reaction to visual stimuli make it hard to tell whether or not a child is having trouble with his or her vision. A big question parents of autistic kids ask is whether or not vision therapy would benefit their autistic children.

3 Issues To See A Foot Doctor For

Although you might schedule regular checkups with your doctor and dentist, making an appointment to see a foot specialist might not be on your radar until you’re suffering from considerable foot pain. It’s important, however, to take a proactive approach with the health of your feet – after all, sore feet can make virtually every movement throughout the day feel uncomfortable. Don’t let various foot issues go untreated; by being aware of some common ailments that can plague you, you can take steps to rectify them by scheduling an appointment with a foot doctor in your community.

Endometriosis: Is Pregnancy An Option?

Parenthood is usually a dream for most women. It can be a very exciting time! However, from time to time the ugly truth is there are many diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system. Endometriosis is one of those diseases that can be very unpleasant and even painful to a woman’s body. Endometriosis: What is it? The Center of Human Reproduction says that 5-10% of all women suffer from endometriosis.

Why Every Mental Health Professional Should Use EHR

Many therapists and mental health professionals are implanting electronic health records (EHR) into their practices. Historically, a therapist would simply make notes on a piece of paper and then file it away. Although this worked for a time, there are much better ways to take notes now. Here are a couple reasons why every mental health professional should start using a behavioral health EHR system. 1. Better Organization Many therapists spend a good deal of time organizing their records.

The Link Between Tinnitus & Allergies

If you just started experiencing tinnitus when your allergies started acting up, your allergies or a sinus infection may be the driving cause behind your tinnitus. What Is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is not a disease. It can be a symptom of a variety of different disorders and diseases. Often times, it can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint what is causing someone’s tinnitus. Tinnitus occurs when you hear sounds in your ears that others cannot hear.

Whiplash: Prevention And Treatment To Help You Heal

Whiplash is identified as a sudden neck movement where the head lurches forward and then backward, and the resulting injury can be very painful. More than 2 million people will experience whiplash every year, and it doesn’t take a major vehicle accident for this type of injury to occur. Learn how to prevent whiplash from happening to you, what the symptoms are, and the best way to treat this injury.

3 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips for Athletic Women

If you are an athletic woman, you have probably noticed one thing about working out: losing weight and staying in shape can cause your breasts to get much smaller. This can make you feel self-conscious about the way that you look; breast augmentation can help. With breast augmentation, you can enjoy a more feminine shape without having to give up your workouts. However, you might be concerned about how the healing process will affect your fitness routine.

Staying Informed And Getting The Most From Treatment - Questions For An In-Home Care Provider

If you’re in a position where you need to seek out in-home care for you or a loved one, the uncertainty that comes with that decision can be very difficult. Most people have little to no experience in seeking such treatment, so finding the answers you need to be confident in the care can be extremely daunting. Below, you’ll find a guide to some questions you should ask your in-home care provider.

How Can You Tell if You Tore Your ACL & What Happens if You Do?

You have two ligaments in your knee: one in back and one in front. They go diagonally, basically forming an X. That helps to keep your knee stable while you are trying to walk or do anything. The anterior cruciates ligament, or ACL, is the one that goes in front. Usually, you can go around for years without that ligament causing any problems, but it can tear. A torn ligament can be completely severed or just have a tear, but still be in one piece.

5 Helpful Tips For Easing Your Child's Fear Of The Dentist

Being afraid of the dentist is pretty common among young children. The sound of drilling and all those sharp objects can make any kid uneasy. However, it is your job as a parent to help your child feel more comfortable around the dentist. Here are five helpful tips for easing your child’s fear of the dentist. Find a Dentist Who Specializes in Treating Children It is a good idea to take your child to a dentist who specializes in treating little kids.

Smart Hearing Aids Give You A Better Experience

These days everything is smart. From refrigerators to cars and your phone, technology has made things work better and become more powerful to use. Hearing aids are no different. Technology has improved hearing aids so that users are able to have a better experience.  Apps There are apps for just about anything, so it should come as no surprise that there are apps that can help with hearing aids. The apps will let you control your hearing aid so that you can truly customize it.