Endometriosis: Is Pregnancy An Option?

Parenthood is usually a dream for most women. It can be a very exciting time! However, from time to time the ugly truth is there are many diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system. Endometriosis is one of those diseases that can be very unpleasant and even painful to a woman's body.

Endometriosis: What is it?

The Center of Human Reproduction says that 5-10% of all women suffer from endometriosis. What is it? Endometriosis is when uterine tissue is formed outside of the uterus. The same tissue a woman's uterus sheds each month during her menstrual cycle builds up around the uterus instead of inside. Instead of instead menstruating, the tissue has nowhere to go, thus it builds up and becomes inflamed and can easily affect the surrounding organs.

What is the Connection?

According to HealthyWoman.org 21 to 44 percent of infertile women have endometriosis. One reason endometriosis affects fertility is that it interrupts the ovulation process. The inflamed tissue can form outside of the uterus around the ovaries and fallopian tubes, thus preventing eggs from being released normally. Not only does this affect ovulation, but it can change hormonal balance in a woman's body.

Are There Treatments for Endometriosis?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for endometriosis. What is fascinating is that one of the best treatments for the disease is pregnancy. This is because a woman's monthly cycle stops when she conceives, meaning the buildup of tissue stops along with the pain from endometriosis to cease.

There are medications that can put your body in a sort of menopausal state so that the tissue doesn't build up and cause pain. Some women have the option of having the ovarian tissue removed if the disease gets too much to handle. Sometimes, surgery can negatively affect fertility, so talk to your doctor about what options are right for you.

Treating Your Infertility: Is Motherhood in the Cards for You?

Great strides have been made in the area of treating infertility. The first thing every woman should do, of course, is to discuss all of your options with your physician. He or she should be updated with the most recently available fertility treatments, and, if needed, recommend you to a fertility specialist (such as those from Women's Healthcare Associates LLC).

Women often think of endometriosis as a fertility death sentence. The pain that accompanies this disease can be excruciating, but the emotional pain it can bring a woman longing for the pitter-patter of little feet can be just as hurtful if not more. The most recent innovative treatments for endometriosis now give women hope that the dream of being a mother could come true.