3 Reasons Why Dental Grills Are Bad for Your Teeth

If you have ever watched a rap music video, you have probably seen grills. Dental grills are covers that go over your  teeth, and they are often made of gold or covered with diamonds or other jewels. Even though they might look flashy and attractive, it's generally best to wear your bling in a different way. Dental grills aren't good for your teeth or your mouth; these are a few reasons why.

  1. They Cause Tooth Decay
    Wearing dental grills can put your mouth more at risk of both plaque build up and tooth decay. This is because there is generally a gap between your natural teeth and your grill. This area can become the target of food particles and bacteria, but since it is so small, it can be difficult to clean when brushing your teeth.
  2. They Can Scrape Your Teeth
    Your dental grill might not scrape the teeth that it is placed in front of, but it can be abrasive against the teeth that are directly beside the grill. Plus, biting down when wearing a grill can put excessive wear and tear on the row of teeth below them. This can cause your teeth to become chipped or cracked.
  3. They Can Cause Staining
    Wearing a dental grill can cause staining of your teeth. The teeth that the grill is placed in front of can become discolored due to the materials that are used to make the dental grill. Plus, since the teeth behind your grill will not be exposed to the same things as the rest of your teeth, they can become different colors. This can leave your mouth looking less than its best. Although professional teeth whitening can help, you may have to have additional work done to make all of your teeth match again, such as dental bonding or veneers.

Even though dental grills might look really cool, they aren't a good thing for your teeth. For best results, it's best to avoid wearing them at all. However, if you do choose to wear a dental grill anyway, make sure that you are diligent about cleaning your teeth thoroughly and seeing your dentist, one like Ashton Randall P DDS, on a regular basis. This can help counteract some of the negative effects that your dental grill can have on your mouth and can help you keep your teeth in good condition so that they'll still look good when you take your dental grill out.