Three Things To Notice If You Are Concerned About Hearing Loss

For many people with hearing loss, this difficulty doesn't occur overnight. While it's certainly possible to suffer hearing loss because of an accident or exposure to loud noise, many people experience a gradual decline in their hearing. The slow nature of this change can mean that you might not fully realize the degree to which your hearing is suffering. While a visit to a hearing center for an evaluation and one or two hearing aids can help you regain your lost hearing, you won't likely book this appointment until you're consistently noticing signs of the hearing loss. Here are three things to try to notice.

You're Relying On Reading Lips

Some people with hearing loss find that they rely on watching the lips of the person who is speaking to them in order to be able to follow the conversation. If you find that you're having trouble telling what someone is saying unless you're specifically staring at his or her mouth during the conversation, it could be a sign that you're relying on your eyes as much as your eyes to follow each word. This practice can be exhausting and even feel uncomfortable in some situations, so it's best to visit a hearing center for an evaluation if you find yourself in this habit.

You're Having Volume-Related Quarrels With Family

Consistently arguing with your family members about different matters related to volume can indicate hearing loss. For example, if your loved ones are constantly telling you to turn down the TV because it's too loud, you could have the volume high because you're struggling to hear. Likewise, you could find yourself repeatedly telling people to speak louder or stop muttering – in reality, though, it's your hearing rather than the peoples' voices that is the issue. Don't let hearing loss impact your closest relationships – schedule a hearing evaluation instead.

You're Dreading Phone Conversations

If you find yourself feeling anxious when the phone rings or when your significant other tells you to call someone, it could be because of your hearing struggles. Many people with hearing loss find that phone conversations are difficult – you could notice that you're constantly changing ears with the phone or trying to adjust the phone so it's louder. Whatever the case, a hearing evaluation and a hearing aid or two can help you make this concern a thing of the past so that you can get back to enjoying conversations over the phone.