Help! How Do You Survive Allergy Season?

The allergy season is here and you've already got the watery, itchy eyes and blocked sinuses. Just how are you going to cope for the whole season? You want to enjoy the spring and summer months. You don't need to suffer completely. Here's what you need to know to survive the horrible allergy season and love the time of year.

Is It Really Allergies?

Many people blame symptoms on allergies, but they're really suffering from a cold. It's important to make sure your allergies are really playing up. If they are, get to the allergist and find a treatment that will work. If the treatment isn't working, there are chances that you're actually suffering from a bacteria or viral infection. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and let him or her do some checks.

The general rule to tell the difference is looking at the mucus color when blowing your nose. If it is clear, it is likely your allergies playing up. If it is any color other than clear, you have a different medical problem on your hands such as an infection.

Get the Allergens Out of Your House

Once you've determined allergies are the problem, how do you stop them? First, stop spreading the allergens around your home and making your problems worse. When you get in the door, change your clothes and get your current ones in the wash. It's also worth getting your shoes off to avoid dragging them through your carpets as you are passing the allergens off to the carpet fibers.

You'll also want to shut your windows and turn the AC off. If you really can't deal with the heat in the summer, have your AC on when the pollen count is at its lowest.

If you can, try to bring your work in the house. You will get away from the pollen and other allergens outside. If you really need to work outdoors, use a mask to protect yourself from breathing the allergens in.

Ease Your Symptoms

Sometimes all you can do is limit how much the symptoms irritate you. Itching and sore nasal passages are among the most irritable symptoms, and you can make a home mixture to sooth them. All you need is a saline mix with salt, baking soda and cooled boiled water. Place it into a bulb syringe or squeeze bottle to flush through your nasal passages.

You can also put some menthol drops into some hot water. Place your head over the bowl with a towel over your head and breathe in the vapors. This will help to unblock passages from allergies.

You can enjoy this time of year. Following the tips above will help to lessen the allergy symptoms you experience on a daily basis. To learn more, contact an allergy specialist near you.