Signs That A Loved One Could Have A Chemical Dependency

The last thing you might want to come to accept is that someone close to you has a dependency on either legal or illegal drugs, but it's important that you don't act in denial about this topic. The person in your life may indeed be struggling, even if he or she has not reached out for help with trying to quit. Through being able to look at a variety of factors about the person's behavior, you can often make the assumption that the person is dealing with chemical dependency and move forward by talking to the person about going to rehab or even hiring an interventionist. Here are some signs that someone in your life could be enduring this struggle.

Profound Behavioral Changes

Although people's behavior can change for a variety of reasons, chemical dependency often triggers notable changes in how the person acts and interacts with those around him or her. If you're unable to explain why a formerly strong bond has become fractured and the person has become unreliable and acts in an erratic manner, chemical dependency could be a potential cause. Particular behavioral changes can include becoming secretive.

Chronic Lack Of Money

Many people suffering from chemical dependency use much of their available funds to support their habits, which can leave them with little available funds. This can trigger things such as having their cellphone service cut off or their vehicle repossessed. There could be other related indicators, too, including the person always asking you for a loan but rarely paying you back in full.

Physical Changes

The specific physical changes of someone struggling with chemical dependency can vary, but in many cases, a person's appearance can change even in the short term. His or her eyes might appear dark and you could notice bruises or scrapes which are perhaps caused by falling or sustaining other injuries while under the influence. The person might also be losing weight and there's a chance that the person is no longer devoting the same amount of time to personal grooming.

Withdrawal From Activities

When someone is dealing with a strong chemical dependency, it can take over his or her life. As such, you may begin to notice that the person has withdrawn from getting together, either with you alone or your usual group of acquaintances. For example, if you used to get together for a run every weekend, the person may completely stop. At the same time, you could also notice that your loved one is making a new circle of friends.

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