A Guide To Laser Vein Treatment Procedures

When you are dealing with varicose veins or any similar conditions, you probably have tried a number of remedies. These veins can be unsightly, so you should be sure that you opt for the option that is proven to be effective -- laser vein treatment. You can receive these treatments from cosmetic surgeons in your area, but should first learn a bit about what to expect. Read on and digest this information, then get in touch with doctors who can help. 

What exactly is laser vein treatment?

Essentially, laser vein treatment consists of having a trained surgeon apply a hot laser to the troublesome veins, in order to form scar tissue. This scar tissue then closes the vein, eliminating the unsightly appearance. There are two main types of laser vein treatment surgeries that patients select -- simple treatment and endovenous treatment. A simple treatment is applied on top of your skin and with repeated intervals, 6 to 12 weeks apart. Endovenous laser treatment is more in depth than simple laser treatment and is suitable for larger scale vein issues. 

What are the advantages of laser vein treatment?

The most important benefit of laser vein treatment is simple -- it works. Chances are that you have seen a number of varicose vein treatments on the market, from lotions, to creams to essential oil tonics. However, many of these solutions are either less effective or take much longer to work. If you want to handle your varicose vein issue quickly and get past this issue, some form of laser treatment will be your best bet. You will also enjoy the fact that this treatment is far less invasive than other cosmetic surgery procedures, allowing for little to no healing time or pain. 

How much does laser vein treatment cost?

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you will need to find out the cost ahead of time, in order to budget accordingly. In most cases, you will expect to pay somewhere in the range of $1,500 and $3,000 for this procedure. For best results, you should also check with the surgeon's office and your medical insurance provider in order to see if this issue will be covered, or at least partially covered. This allows you to shop around for the best price on any sort of laser vein treatment that you need. 

Keep these guidelines handy as you set out to get a laser vein treatment from a clinic like Elite Vein Centers.