5 Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Marriage

Being married to another person comes with challenges, but if you are fighting with your spouse day in and day out, marriage can become unhealthy. If you are in a toxic relationship that seems to worsen over time rather than get better, you may want to consider consulting a marriage counselor. Knowing some of the symptoms of an unhealthy marriage may motivate you to get started with counseling.

1: Living in the past

The longer you have been married, the more you issues you may have gone through together. Past arguments and other negative types of behavior may have impacted your opinion of this person. If it's difficult to let these feelings and emotions go, it's important to talk to a marriage counselor to help you do so.

2: Poor communication

Do you find it difficult to discuss any subject with your spouse without it turning into an argument? If so, it's time to seek help outside of the marriage. A counselor can discuss alternative options that will help you communicate better and strengthen your marriage.

3: Your sex life has declined

Being intimate with your partner is important for the health of your relationship. If you once had sex a few times a week and now you can't remember the last time you were intimate, it may be time to meet with a counselor. Being affectionate with each other shows how much you care and works to help you bond as a couple.

4: Pointing the finger

Are you constantly blaming your spouse for problems in the marriage? It's easy to blame another person when both spouses are usually at fault. Consulting with a counselor will allow you to better understand why this occurs and can provide methods to help both of you get past this negative behavior.

5: Arguing about finances

Does every bill that needs to be paid turn into an argument? Everything from getting the mortgage paid to buying groceries can present the possibility of financial disagreements occurring. By working toward a better payment schedule for getting the bills paid jointly, this may alleviate some of the pressure in the marriage and prevent many arguments.

If you want to keep your marriage alive and healthy, it may time to seek assistance from a professional source. Consider relying on the expertise of a marriage counselor at Giblin Consulting when faced with a relationship that is moving in the wrong direction.