What To Do When You And Your Pediatrician Don't See Eye To Eye

Pediatricians tend to be very open, kind people who listen well and can answer a lot of child development questions. Regardless of these traits shared by many a pediatrician, and regardless of how highly recommended your pediatrician was, you may not see eye to eye. If you find that you struggle to get your pediatrician to listen and understand what you are trying to say, or the pediatrician does not exactly communicate well, here are some tips on what you can do.

Be Aggressive AND Progressive

This does not mean hostile or threatening. Clearly, your pediatrician has a dominant personality, and that may be the reason why you "submit" to what the pediatrician suggests, says, or prescribes. Being aggressive means that you do not back down from making a point or asking questions to which you should receive simple and understandable answers. It also helps to be progressive, which means that you are trying to see things from the pediatrician's point of view, figure out where the pediatrician is going with the conversation or care and treatment options, and then ask questions that steer the conversation in the direction you want to go.

Do Not Take Offense

Pediatricians, as are most doctors, have been trained to simplify medical jargon and the way they speak to patients so that patients, and family members of patients, can clearly understand what is said. For people with greater intelligence and education, this may come across as "being talked down to," but if you speak intelligently yourself, most doctors will bring the level of language up to meet your level of intelligence and education.

You also have to remember that most pediatricians spend their entire days talking to kids, and as a parent, you know exactly what that is like. You do not use the same level of language talking to your kids that you use to talk to an adult. If this is at the core of the problem that you have with your pediatrician, you have to learn to not be offended.

There Is Always the Alternative Option

If you absolutely do not get along with your pediatrician, there is always an alternative option. You could just get a new pediatrician. If your children do not require a specialist for any reason, you can find another pediatrician with whom you feel more comfortable. Your current pediatrician will not take offense; he/she already knows that not every patient/parent relationship works out.