Preparing For A Long Day Of Standing When You Have A Bad Back

Dealing with back pain means that you have to be careful about the way that you do most activities. There are some unavoidable activities, such as working, driving, and sleeping. If you have to stand up for a long period of time, you will need to be prepared. Here are some ways to prepare for a day where you will need to be on your feet and put more pressure on your back than you normally do. 

Find a good back brace

In order to keep your back structured and keep you from bending over uncomfortably. A back brace can be hidden underneath your clothing and will keep your back steady. This will help you stand, as it will keep your back in a straight manner and will not allow you to slouch. Be sure that the brace starts at the bottom of your chest and ends at your waist. This will cover a considerable area to keep your back and spine straight. 

Pick no heels and extra cushion

In order to be able to stand up and walk around long term, you will need to pick the right shoes. The shoes will need to have no heel. Heels cause your feet to be uneven, which puts a strain on your back. The shoes should have a completely even heel all over to keep your feet level and your back straight.

For a long day, you will need to add a little extra cushion to your shoes. Shoes that have added a firm cushion will allow your feet to sink into them without causing your balance to be thrown off. Be sure that the shoes are airy and allow for plenty of breathing room, as being stuffed or added heat will make your feet swell. 

Practice bending from the hips and knees

If you are having back pain when you walk, you will need to practice walking with your lower body, rather than using your back to move. Practice walking from your hips, only using your hips and knees to propel your body forward. Once you have practiced with hip movement in mind several times, you will have an easier time walking during a major event. If you have to turn around a lot or collaborate with coworkers, remember not to turn your head, but instead turn your body completely around if you must attend to something behind you. If you begin to get too tired, sit upright to give your body a rest. 

Contact a medical professional near you for more tips for back pain relief.