Cut Down On Your Stress To Reduce Your Risk Of ED

Although there are many potential causes of erectile dysfunction, this problem can often occur due to stress. Even if there's nothing that is physically wrong with your body, you may have trouble getting and sustaining an erection when your stress is high. While it's always a good idea to see a general practitioner or a specialist to ensure that nothing else might be contributing to your erectile dysfunction, you should also endeavor to reduce your stress, especially on the days that you plan to have sexual intercourse. Remember, stress reduction also benefits you in several other ways. Here are some tactics that you can use.

Exercise On The Day Of

You won't always be able to predict when you might have sexual intercourse, but there may be some instances in which you think that it could happen. On these days, it's especially ideal to keep your stress level low, and one way to achieve this goal is through exercise. Any type of exercise can work at reducing stress, so pick something that you enjoy and dedicate some time to it. You don't need to exercise immediately before you think you'll have sex — even a long walk or a jog earlier in the day can lower your stress level for the day.

Don't Be Goal Oriented

Many men make the mistake of being goal oriented when it comes to sex. For example, they may rush through foreplay in order to get to the intercourse, and they may even hurry through the intercourse so that they can achieve climax sooner. Each of these approaches puts pressure on you, and pressure can equal stress. Instead of thinking, "Tonight's the night — I need to climax," focus on enjoying the moment with your partner and you may find that any stress about the encounter leaves your body.

Avoid The Need To Be Perfect

You may feel like you should be a perfect sexual partner and make your sexual encounter perfect. This mindset can definitely add a high degree of stress, which could lead to erectile dysfunction. It's worthwhile to tell yourself that you don't need to be perfect, especially if you're not overly experienced with sexual encounters. Adopting this mentality can reduce a lot of the stress that you're likely feeling, and you may notice that your erectile dysfunction is no longer an issue for you. If you need professional help and erectile dysfunction treatment meds for your erectile dysfunction, visit your doctor.