Preparing For EDMR Certification Classes: What You Need To Know

Successfully completing an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) certification course can provide a number of rewarding career opportunities. However, success in this intense course requires preparation. In addition to fundamental mental health services skills, it is essential that you also be aware of what to expect from the class. If you have plans to explore this certification, learn more about what you should plan for.

Continuing Education Hours

EDMR is generally a form of therapy performed by skilled and experienced mental health professionals. As such, many programs require all certification candidates to have completed a number of continuing education hours before they are able to complete the program. These hours often include a set number of hours of EDMR-specific training, as well as other areas of mental health services, such as trauma services. Keep in mind that with some programs, recertification will require that you complete the same hours again. 

Clinical Hours

In addition to your learning-based hours, to complete the program, you must also complete a set number of clinical hours. These clinical hours are necessary to help you gain practical experience with EDMR therapy under the watchful eye of an already certified professional. Similar to continuing education hours, these clinical hours must be earned over a variety of different topics, including patient evaluation in the individual or group setting. 

Fully Active Credentials

There is no set time frame for the completion of the program. As previously mentioned, all professionals must complete a set number of continuing education and clinical hours, but how much time each person has to commit to the program will determine its duration. However, whatever the timeframe, you must verify that your current mental health professional credentials will remain active during the program. If your credentials expire at any point, you may be unable to continue with the program, so ensure you stay on top of your license dates. 


All EDMR certification candidates are required to perform research as well. Generally, this research involves the review of medical journals that pertain to this form of therapy. While this requirement is relatively standard among programs, not every program requires the same amount of reading. For example, one program might require the review of one journal, while another may require each candidate to review three journals. 

Keep in mind that EDMR certification courses are not all the same. Be sure to research any program you are considering enrolling in to get the most specific information. You can learn more by reaching out to a service like EMDR Instruction.